Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union | Serving the Puget Sound region since 1934, one member at a time.

What is a Credit Union?

A Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative, organized to promote thrift and provide credit to members. It is member-owned and controlled through a board of directors elected by the membership. The board serves on a volunteer basis and usually hires a management team to run the Credit Union. The board also establishes and revises policy, sets dividend and loan rates, and directs certain operations. The result: members are provided with a safe, convenient place to save and borrow at reasonable rates at an institution which exists to benefit them, not to make a profit.

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Where are your offices located?

PSCCU has four locations. Visit our CONTACT US page, for addresses and phone numbers or our LOCATIONS page for direction to any of our branches. We also have nearly 200 Shared Branches Statewide: LOCATIONS

Who owns a Credit Union?

Credit Unions are owned by the members. While most financial institutions are owned by stockholders, who own a part of the institution and intend on making money from their investment. A Credit Union doesn't operate in that manner. Rather, each Credit Union member owns one "share" of the organization. The user of Credit Union services is also an owner, and is even entitled to vote on important issues, such as the election of member representatives to serve on the board of directors.

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Are my deposits insured?

Yes. All savings accounts are insured up to $250,000 by the NCUA, the National Credit Union Administration, an agency of the federal government. For more information visit the NCUA SHARE INSURANCE site.

If I leave my current job can I keep my membership with PSCCU?

Our philosophy on membership is "once a member - always a member". As long as you do not close your account after leaving our field of membership you are welcome to maintain your account with PSCCU.

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What is PSCCU’s routing number for a Direct Deposit?

For a Direct Deposit into your account the routing number is 325183259. If you want the money to go to your checking account use the account number on the bottom of your checks that starts with 79183. For a savings deposits use your account number (member number). You will need to VERIFY with your employer how many digits they need. Some employers can use just the account number, for example if your account number is 1234 you would give them 1234. Some employers require a 12 digit account format for savings depsoits, if that is the case use your account number in the following format – including all leading and ending zeros: 00-_ _ _ _ _ _-0-0-00, if your account number is less then 6 digits add zeros AT THE BEGINNING of your account number to create a 6 digit account number. If your account number was 1234 you would use 00-001234-0-0-00 for savings deposits. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding savings deposits.

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What ATMs can I use for free?

PSCCU has partnered with the CO-OP NETWORK to give you fee free access at hundreds of ATMs across the state. PSCCU does not charge a fee for ATM service regardless of where our members use their cards. Some ATM owners, however, charge you a fee to use their machine. You can also use your VISA debit card to make purchases and then use the "cash back" option at many merchants to obtain cash without a fee.

Where can I make a deposit if I can’t get to a branch?

Many ATMs by the CO-OP NETWORK will accept deposits. It is important to note that when you make an ATM deposit, a hold is usually placed on the funds until your deposit can be verified. This may delay the availability of your deposit for several days. Consider mailing your deposit directly to PSCCU, this is typically just as efficient. You can also make a deposit at one of the many Credit Unions in the SHARED BRANCHING network.

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How long does it take to approve a loan application?

We normally have a decision either on the date of application or by the next business day.

Why is my balance and available balance different?

The use of your Visa debit card may cause a difference between the amounts of your balance and available balance. When the Debit Card is used, some merchants place a hold on the funds in your account until the actual debit is processed. If you have any questions about a merchant hold please call us at (425) 283-5151.

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